David Papapostolou "Sivom de la Droude"


Release date - 29th June 2010

This new solo disc from David Papapostolou will perhaps seem like something of a departure for those who know his previous work in improvised settings using electronics and more recently cello.

The recordings which make up “Sivom de la Droude” straddle improvisation, field recordings and found sound, but also throws much of what is expected from recordings in these genres to one side and introduces the idea of “situation-specific” events.

Artists statement:

“The environments I have recorded have nothing distinctively “field recording-esque”: a garden, a window sill, a veranda, a car boot; the sound quality is not even particularly good. In fact, they don’t really match the expectations one holds towards field recordings in contemporary experimental music.

It is the processes involved (very simple ones) that make these pieces of music what they are, giving them all their character and edge. These are sonic situations, by which I mean the friction between our daily environment and a construction of some sort; the simpler the better, as long as it is in some ways responsive to, interacting with the environment. With these recording I wanted to play with the recording process itself; set out situations, a meeting point between performance and free-wheeling process. The music only exists through these situations.”

Pro-CDr, outsized card sleeve, limited to 100 copies only.

Reviews: Just Outside, The Watchful Ear

£5.00 (INCLUDING postage worldwide)

Note: This release is also available as a free download.

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